Week 12 Summary

This week we primarily improved on our initial design comps. In addition to that, we learned how to create slices and we started our starter HTML page. In order to start our HTML page, we had to learn how to code in Dreamweaver and manage CSS. Basically, this whole week was dedicated to the progression of our final project. There wasn’t much in terms of learning this week but a ton of work was done. I learned how to do so much both Photoshop and Dreamweaver this week. Working hands-on with my own work really helped me solidify my knowledge of CSS and HTML. Also, in Photoshop, I was given great feedback and I learned a lot from that. I now approach my design comp much differently. Let’s hope that this week will be a “get ahead” week with the Thanksgiving break approaching! Happy Thanksgiving in advance!!!!


Week 11 Summary

This week, we worked on our design comp. A design comp is basically your web page layout with your background, logo, color scheme font, etc incorporated into your wire frame. This is basically how our websites will look. It is simply the webpage without the navigation. We also learned how to do a variety of things on Adobe Photoshop. For example we learned how to create bevels, drop shadows, and strokes. We took all of this and incorporated it into our web design comp or mockup. We did this by learning how to create buttons, media placeholders, navigation, photos, etc. Basically we were given all of the necessary skills to create a perfect mockup for your web page.


This article was given to us:


Week 10 Summary

First and foremost, this week, we viewed a video on common mistakes when making a web page (see link below). We were also directed to 3 articles that pertain to web sites and how to create wire frames. Most importantly this week, we continued our final project. We created the wire frame document. This is a great outline of how our web site will look. This was a long week for us due to Hurricane Sandy but luckily I took a couple steps forward during my time off.






Week 9 Summary

This week was almost completely dedicated to our final project. We created a design document which includes a storyboard, flowchart, and project profiler. We also created a Style Tyle Creation. This is a picture that shows the fonts, themes, backgrounds, etc. for your web site. This week we made great strides in our final project.

Week 8 Summary

This week, I learned a few things that are necessary for our final project. I learned about Getty Images. To be honest, I had no idea what the site was so it was cool to interact with a new site. Getty images has many options when looking for images. The biggest option is whether you want a rights managed or royalty free image. Outside of our introduction to Getty Images, we refined our final banners and submitted them to the school and class. We also started our next portion of our cumulative final project. This week we had to fill out a “project profiler.” This project profiler was filled with questions about every aspect of our web site. We had to answer all of the questions and supply some sites that fit the criteria for what we wanted to do according to many categories. For example, content, graphics, functionability, etc. Overall, this week was a very accomplishing week. I was able to finally finish my banner and take another leap on my final project.

Week 7 Summary

This week, the main thing we learned how to do was create animated images. Most .gif files these days are animated. We then applied these animations to our banner project. My banner had leaves blowing in the wind in the background. To help with this, we learned how to move, duplicate, and clone objects. The easiest way to copy objects is with the copy and paste keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V). Another thing we learned to do is mask objects. You can mask objects  by drawing transparent shapes around the object. Then you can do a plethora of things with the mask properties. The next thing we focused on was symbols. We learned how to create graphic symbols and animate them. To create them, its as simple as right-clicking on the object then selecting “Convert to Symbol.” Then you can select a basic or animated symbol. While using animated symbols is rare, it is very neat and useful. This week we officially started our final project. We had to start the process of creating Morgue Files if our idea was accepted. My new plan is to create a website for my mom’s infant loss support group.  I think she is excited more about the site! I love working with .gif images and this week was quite possibly the best week for me. It’s nice to know how to create animated .gifs!!!!


Final Project Idea 1

My first idea, since I don’t have any personal groups to create a website about, is to create a site for a made up business. I don’t know if we’re allowed to do so but I feel like I could have a lot of fun with creating my own site for a made up business.